Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey Memphis! Kitty Snacks #3 now for sale at Goner Records

Go by or check out their website.

Gordon Lish talks

Great new interview with Gordon Lish over at BOMBlog.


"BCE: I know you read DeLillo and McCarthy all the time. Would you be prepared to comment on that?
GL: I am always prepared to comment on DeLillo and McCarthy—much in the same way, if not entirely in the same way as I would be prepared to comment on myself. They are geniuses. My mother and my father wanted for me to be a genius. So did I. When I found out a couple of days ago that I couldn’t be I made up my mind to stick as close as I could to those who were. A feat, a procedure one finds one can accomplish, on the cheap by reading. And by reading. And by reading. So I pick up the books of these two writers every day that I am not otherwise busy with the genius of certain women I know and certain children and grandchildren I’m tickled to have."

Be sure to check out Lish's new book of collected fictions. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kitty Snacks contributors (Mary Miller & John Brandon) signing at Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi July 12 & 14

Kevin Sampsell (A Common Pornography) and Claudia Smith (Put Your Head in My Lap) will also be reading with Mary at the event. For more info go here

John Brandon will be reading from his new book, Citrus County, on Wednesday, July 14. Joining him will be Jack Pendarvis--both dudes have been published in previous issues of Kitty Snacks magazine. John's book Citrus County was recently picked for the Rumpus Book Club. Check out an interview with John here


John's book was recently the cover review on the Sunday New York Times Book Review. Read the whole thing here. Listen to a podcast of the above event here