Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drawings by Josh Burwell

More drawings by Josh Burwell can be seen in the first print issue of
Kitty Snacks.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another preview from Issue #1

Here's a brief excerpt from an interview with Geologist from Animal Collective. The full interview can be read in the first issue of Kitty Snacks. Be sure to check out their new record, Merriweather Post Pavilion.

What did you think of Mississippi?

GEOLOGIST: We had an awesome time in Mississippi. We've gone to different places to record for a lot of our records and this was the first time we actually felt included in the community and made some new friends. We saw some shows at Proud Larry's, played shuffleboard a lot at Jubilee (I think that was the name), got our coffee at the Bottletree, ate lunch at Ajax most days, ate catfish in Taylor, and hung out a few times at the late night parties on Pierce Ave. We had to be careful of that though because we usually ended up pretty hung over and less than able to work the next day. The only slightly negative thing was the food; it was a bit heavy for us, even those of us who are vegetarians. I mean it tasted great, but usually put us in a coma for a while afterwards. We drank way too much sweet tea and then would have crazy sugar crashes afterwards. Also should say we thought we would be going somewhere a bit warmer. Oxford was still pretty chilly in February and the weather was kind of extreme in terms of rain, hail, and that tornado you guys had come through the area, but in a way, that worked for us since we were thinking about how the new songs all seemed to be visually related to extreme weather patterns. I would also like to say that Sweet Tea is an incredible studio. Easily one of my favorite places we've ever worked.

Thanks to Geologist for the interview.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Issue #1 preview

by Sam Pink

One day I want to wake up to someone telling me they hate me. I want that person to follow me around all day, telling me how much s/he hates me. That person can tell me as many times as seems necessary and in any way s/he wants. At night I will cook that person dinner so s/he doesn't get too weak to stop telling me about hating me. I will try to make sure that person gets enough blankets when we're going to sleep, so s/he doesn't get too cold to tell me how much I am hated. And I will try not to pull the blankets off in the night even if it's totally accidental (and if I accidentally do pull off the blankets, I hope that person is not a asshole about it or at least I hope that person is not so upset that s/he stops telling me how much I am hated). I feel like I need to hear it for at least a week straight to return to normal.

another poem by Sam Pink is featured in the first print issue of Kitty Snacks. Buy it to read it. Out soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Issue out January 2009

The first print issue of Kitty Snacks will be available in January 2009 in a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. The magazine features work by Jack Pendarvis, Selah Saterstrom, Wilson McBee,
Kent Osborne, Jeff McNeil, interviews with Animal Collective and King Khan, art by Will Bryant, Josh Burwell and more. It will be available for purchase online and at Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi, Quimby's in Chicago and Goner Records in Memphis.

Kitty Snacks Launch!

Welcome to Kitty Snacks, a magazine of existential erotica. Our first print issue is underway and will be published January 2009 from Oxford, Mississippi. The magazine will feature stories, poems, art, and interviews from established writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers as well as new voices.