Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The first issue is well on its way and should be ready any day now. We'll be hosting a party! Stay tuned.

For now, here is another poem by Sam Pink. Look for him in the first print issue along with some other great writers. Check out Sam's new chap book out now!


by Sam Pink

The underwear I want is the kind made from your barely-slept eyelids.

I have kindness for you that is in a drawer in my chest.

I want a new face fashioned from the muscles I disconnect from your ribcage.

The hand I want is the one I have and I don't want anything to ever be inside it.

And there is nothing inside right now except all of the air in the entire world.

One of us is an earthworm in a Dixie cup full of sand.

And the other is the person watching.

I wonder if doctors that deliver babies ever do a trick similar to that "quarter-in-your-ear" trick except with like a nerf football soaked in fake blood.

ALSO! We're almost done compiling submissions for the second print issue of Kitty Snacks so if you're interested in making a submission please send as soon as possible.