Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gordon Lish talks

Great new interview with Gordon Lish over at BOMBlog.


"BCE: I know you read DeLillo and McCarthy all the time. Would you be prepared to comment on that?
GL: I am always prepared to comment on DeLillo and McCarthy—much in the same way, if not entirely in the same way as I would be prepared to comment on myself. They are geniuses. My mother and my father wanted for me to be a genius. So did I. When I found out a couple of days ago that I couldn’t be I made up my mind to stick as close as I could to those who were. A feat, a procedure one finds one can accomplish, on the cheap by reading. And by reading. And by reading. So I pick up the books of these two writers every day that I am not otherwise busy with the genius of certain women I know and certain children and grandchildren I’m tickled to have."

Be sure to check out Lish's new book of collected fictions.