Monday, December 15, 2008

Issue #1 preview

by Sam Pink

One day I want to wake up to someone telling me they hate me. I want that person to follow me around all day, telling me how much s/he hates me. That person can tell me as many times as seems necessary and in any way s/he wants. At night I will cook that person dinner so s/he doesn't get too weak to stop telling me about hating me. I will try to make sure that person gets enough blankets when we're going to sleep, so s/he doesn't get too cold to tell me how much I am hated. And I will try not to pull the blankets off in the night even if it's totally accidental (and if I accidentally do pull off the blankets, I hope that person is not a asshole about it or at least I hope that person is not so upset that s/he stops telling me how much I am hated). I feel like I need to hear it for at least a week straight to return to normal.

another poem by Sam Pink is featured in the first print issue of Kitty Snacks. Buy it to read it. Out soon.